Learn How to Get 2X Activity Out of Your 'A' Players

Coach Your Best People

Think about it, people are the ones who are most able to help your company grow.  If you read Liz Wiseman's Multipliers, her research shows that multipliers are able to get at least 2x more productivity from their team members.  What it takes is a realization that senior executives have a strong influence over the productivity of their teams.

There are 2 ways to get more done - either pay for more hands to do the work, or do a better job coaching and maximizing the hands that we already have.  - you have decided to get more out of your top performers.  Patrick Thean has created this tool for his clients and shares his success stories on his blog.  We hope you find great success too.

Find out what they should be focused on and how you can help them become stronger.

Find out from your employee:
  • #1 Overriding Objective
  • Performance Results
  • How You as a Coach can Help